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SportVerse Podcast – An Introduction

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Nilesh Deshmukh | sportsnexus

Every year I try to push myself to do something new and innovative for SportsNexus. In 2021 my aim was to launch two infographics (Bite Sized Stats and The Number Game) and in 2022 the challenge is to write/cover more about Sports in Web3 and to create more conversations about interesting Sports-related Web3 projects.

I’m excited about the challenge and to announce the launch of my podcast ‘SportVerse Podcast’. In this podcast, I will cover all Sports Web3 news and also interview leaders in the space. To support the SportVerse push I will also introduce a new infographics led project which will cover interesting stats and facts about trending Sports X Web3 news and publish visual news from projects all over the world.

I have added the transcript from the SportVerse Podcast below:

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2021 was the year when Web3 went mainstream, the NFT ecosystem grew at an unprecedented rate, brands started adapting to the Metaverse, Play 2 Earn games started mounting a challenge on conventional forms of gaming and Fan Token projects started mushrooming resulting in a fresh approach in global fan engagement.

But, how did the global sports economy adapt to the fast-paced transition from Web2.0 to Web3?

Deloitte has predicted that the sports NFT’s will generate more than $2 Billion in 2022 – that indicates that the global sports industry is set for an exciting journey and that’s where SportVerse Podcast comes in!

Through this Podcast – I will bring to you regular news updates from the global sports industry in Web3, I will discuss the coolest of NFT, P2E gaming, Fan Token projects and talk to people who are leading the charge for the sports industry in Web3. 

So, join me, Nilesh Deshmukh as I take you all through the journey of athletes, brands and sports rights holders into the world of NFT’s and the metaverse through my podcast – SportVerse Podcast!

I hope you all enjoy the podcast! Happy New Year!

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Nilesh Deshmukh
I am passionate about sports and passionate about marketing. As a sports marketer, I have built significant expertise in successfully delivering medium to long term digital marketing strategy for global sports entities and brands like Arsenal FC, Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC, Major League Baseball, Formula E, and AELTC, etc to engage with their fans in India. I am currently based in London and lead India business at Engage Digital Partners.