UFC signs new kit partnership and Bundesliga in discussion of a new TV broadcast deal with Star Sports in India and other news

UFC has gone on a deal signing spree

UFC has struck two deals with iconic combat sports brand Venum replacing Reebok as the new fight kit partner and UFC have signed a licensing deal with ACX Music as their official streaming application.

Is 5G a satellite distribution killer?

Global research conducted by Norwegian media production specialists Nevion has revealed that 82 percent believe 5G and next-generation cellular networks will eventually replace traditional satellite and digital TV (DTV) broadcast distribution methods.

Bundesliga are the latest victims to the sharp falling Indian sports TV rights market (db2626)

Star Sports is currently in negotiations with Bundesliga for the renewal of the media rights contract which is believed to be almost 60% lesser than the last deal with the broadcaster. The deal value has reduced from $1.5M per season to $600K per season covering the Indian Sub-Continent territory.

Will the Indian sports manufacturing sector benefit from the growing global anti-China sentiment?

The government of India is mandating the disclosure of ‘country of origin’ which could lead to a potential issue with products coming in from China. It is believed that Puma, Adidas, and Nike — imports from China account for 10-30% of the products they sell in India. This is a significant volume and the solution is to manufacture or assemble in India at a high cost to be borne by customers.

Football, Politics and Brazil – A deadly concoction in the making

Since Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro initiated the controversial Provisional Measure No. 984 which gives football clubs total control over media rights to home matches with experts’ opinions split on the chances of collective sales blocs forming which could cut the growth of small clubs.


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